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Providing Continuity as a Teacher!

Keeping in touch with students is vital during any changes to your class because of a crisis influencing all or part of syllabus. You may want to let students know about changes in schedules, assignments, procedures, and broader course expectations. Early and frequent communication can ease student anxiety, and save you from becoming overwhelmed with individual questions.

Interruptions of courses can occur for a variety of reasons. During an interruption of their classes, students may experience confusion and/or anxiety. It is best to have a plan in place to keep students informed about how the class will proceed.

Some good practices we recommend for the teachers are as below:

  • Communicate proactively: Inform students about any changes or interruptions as early as possible. Students may not know what your expectations are in terms of their current responsibilities. Will they be expected to adhere to the schedule of assignments on the syllabus? If there are group projects planned, will these stay in place? What you communicate will depend upon the duration of the interruption and this may not be clear early on. Initial messages should reassure the students that they will not be held accountable for the interruption and that flexibility and accessibility will be part of any solution.

  • Reduce complexity: focus on your course, not the crisis. In the event of an external event, that affects the broader schooling community, e-tuitions admin team will manage crisis communications, so you do not have to provide those kind of updates.

  • Be realistic: develop a communication plan and share it with your students. You may want to consider