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What Is Educational Counselling ?

Owing to intense competition and peer pressure students often face a dilemma to make the right career choice for them. This leads to a lot of confusion, doubts in them and make students succumb to stress, anxiety and depression. This is where education counselling comes into picture. Here students are advised not just on ways to build the right career path for them but are provided support to help them grow as individuals and professionals.

How do we support?

An educational counsellor is a counsellor who works with school students in a school environment. Schools now hire educational counsellors to assist special needs children with their studies, provide career counselling, based on the options available to students and also help students with their personal issues. The most important duty of an educational counsellor is to understand the hopes, aspirations and dreams of a student. They should know the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and handle them very carefully. They also interact with parents, guardians, and other administrators regarding a student’s behavioural, academic, and other problems.

Some students may be suffering from domestic abuse, like fighting or divorced parents or some learning disabilities, then in such cases educational counsellor needs to take a charge to make the child overcome of all this. These factors too affect a child’s growth. Thus, an educational counsellor makes a child overcome from any personal, social or behavioural problems.